Hi. My name is Kell. I am a sixteen year old boy living in the Rocky Mountains. You would not believe what has happened with me. My entire life I have been nonverbal. Like three months ago I started spelling. Since then I can say whatever I want. It is like a ton of bricks has been lifted off my chest. I only hope I can reach other nonverbal people with this blog so they can realize there is hope for their future. I hope you will follow me as I share my story.

Grand Lake, CO – the first time I went sledding

One response to “Update from Mom”

  1. DEAR JAIME – this unfolding story never ceases to take my breath away and bring tears of joy to my heart! Please write more!! And tell Kell I can’t WAIT for new observations, thoughts and insights from his precious heart. God is blessing in such profound ways. I want to hear/read MORE!!


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