Hi. My name is Kell. I am a sixteen year old boy living in the Rocky Mountains. You would not believe what has happened with me. My entire life I have been nonverbal. Like three months ago I started spelling. Since then I can say whatever I want. It is like a ton of bricks has been lifted off my chest. I only hope I can reach other nonverbal people with this blog so they can realize there is hope for their future. I hope you will follow me as I share my story.

Grand Lake, CO – the first time I went sledding

One response to “Change”

  1. Dear KelI – I continue to be touched and amazed by your insight and your heartfelt desire to encourage others to recognize the blessing of life God has given to each of us. Your newly found ability to express the deep thoughts that have been yearning to be expressed for so long astonishes me. I pray that families of nonverbal children will see in you the possibilities for their own dearly loved children and learn how all this may be possible.


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